The whistleblower system of the Swiss Steel Group

We are firmly committed to ensuring that, our managers and our employees act with integrity and sustainability. To this end, we rely on early knowledge of violations of laws and our internal rules. In this way we aim to avert damage to the Swiss Steel Group, our managers, employees, business partners, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Knowledge of violations of laws and our internal rules may be held by internal and external persons. This may also include customers and suppliers.

This is why we offer all persons who have knowledge of serious violations of laws and our internal rules, regardless of their affiliation with the Swiss Steel Group, several options for contacting us, at their choice.

The SpeakUp Line is an external, secure whistleblowing system that allows individuals to notify Corporate Compliance of any violations. The SpeakUp Line is not a general complaints platform.  The SpeakUp Line is designed to be used to report violations of laws and internal regulations. This applies in particular if the violation may lead to a public investigation, the risk of a fine or imprisonment, or damage to the reputation of the Swiss Steel Group.

The SpeakUp Line is available around the clock and can be accessed from any Internet-ready PC. The notifying person has the option of being informed about the status of the procedure after he or she has submitted the report under a procedure number. Only a very restricted group of employees of the Corporate Compliance Office at the Swiss Steel Group has direct access to the reports. If the reporting person so wishes, he or she may also report violations anonymously, insofar as this is permitted in the relevant country.

To access the SpeakUp Line you need an access code:
Phone numbers

Web access

Alternatively, persons who have knowledge of violations of laws or our internal rules may contact Corporate Compliance by e-mail.

We support a culture of open communication. We therefore ask whistleblowers to check whether their concerns can also be clarified directly with their supervisor, local management, a Business Unit Compliance Officer or the Human Resources department of the company or the Swiss Steel Group, or whether there are internal conflicts that make this seem unreasonable.

The Swiss Steel Group protects whistleblowers from any disadvantages resulting from the reporting of non-compliance. The precondition for protection is that the whistleblower has submitted the report in good faith.

False suspicions may have serious consequences for those affected. For this reason, whistleblowers are urged to make responsible use of the existing opportunities to report possible violations. Knowingly making false reports is prohibited and may have consequences under employment and criminal law.