Compliance Program of the Swiss Steel Group

Our compliance program is specifically designed to prevent violations of antitrust law, corruption law, data protection, export control and money laundering law.

Prevention of violations of antitrust law

Our antitrust program helps protect fair competition in our industry. Fair competition gives us the opportunity to assert ourselves with quality and service

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Corruption prevention

In this program, we oppose bribery and corruption in all its forms. This is how we help protect the foundation for economic and social development in the countries in which our markets are located.

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Data Protection

Data protection is a fundamental pillar of our compliance program. Our data protection program is aligned in particular with the principles of the European General Data Protection Regulation and other national data protection laws. We take the protection of the personal data of our employees, customers and other stakeholders very seriously.

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Export control  

With our export control program, we prevent our products from falling into the wrong hands. This is one way we contribute to a safer world

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Money Laundering Prevention

With our program against money laundering, we are helping to make it more difficult to smuggle or launder money from illegal sources. This is one way we help protect economic and social systems.

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Our whistleblower system for submitting indications on compliance violations

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