Bright steel: The best solution for precision parts

Our bright steel is used wherever precision parts must function safely and reliably over many years.

The production of precisely fitting bright steel with high-quality surface qualities and in an almost unlimited variety is one of the specialities of Swiss Steel Group. Here we convince with more than 70 years of experience, state-of-the-art machines and the latest know-how.

Our product range of bright steel

Whether drawn or peeled, whether as a classic round cross-section or as a special profile, whether as soft automatic steel or high-strength special grade - we process this high-quality steel economically up to the vertical range of manufacture that our customers require.

  • High-strength special steel
  • High-strength cold heading steel
  • Case hardening steel
  • Special free-cutting steel
  • Standard free-cutting steel

To make the material steel better and stronger. This is the goal set by our Steeltec business unit. The quality of the steel determines the properties of the parts made from it. The speed and ease with which components can be manufactured determine your competitive strength.

Our steel solutions are used where precision parts have to meet the highest demands on load-bearing capacity and safety, millions of times over, safely and reliably over many years. Parts that you have to produce efficiently and at the lowest cost at the same time.

Development partnership with our customers

We want to find the strongest steel solution for your specific application. That is why we work in development partnerships, because many heads see more individually than few. Together with our partners, we invest money, energy and strength to push the limits of what is possible further and further in order to be able to produce parts with new requirements more efficiently and safely.

We need strong partners: at suppliers, in sales and development, at universities, public institutions and within the Swiss Steel Group. And we need you! They complement our strengths and share our ideas of perfection.

Our business unit Steeltec is specialized in bright steel

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