Corporate governance at Swiss Steel Group

Corporate governance is of the utmost importance to the Swiss Steel Group. Good and transparent corporate governance ensures responsible management and control of the Swiss Steel Group with emphasis on adding value. Corporate governance serves to promote the confidence of investors, the financial markets, customers and other business partners, employees and the public in the Swiss Steel Group and is applied to the Group's system of management and administration. This includes in particular the organization, values, business policy principles and guidelines as well as internal and external control and monitoring mechanisms. In instituting corporate governance, the Swiss Steel Group complies with all provisions relevant to corporate governance, in particular existing laws and the guidelines of the Swiss Stock Exchange Six.

The existing internal policies and instruments, in particular the Articles of Association and the Organizational Regulations, take into account all principles that ensure the management and supervision of our company in keeping with good corporate governance.

The Board of Directors reviews corporate governance policies on a regular basis to further strengthen all principles and practices.

Corporate Governance Report

The Corporate Governance Report is included in the Annual Report 2022 starting on page 100.
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Corporate Regulations

In the Corporate Regulations section you will find the Articles of Association of Swiss Steel Holding AG and the Organizational Regulations.

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