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The modern world would be inconceivable without our specialties. Aerospace, power generation and medicine are just three examples of sectors that rely on specialties.


Additive Manufacturing

Product variety, latest production facilities, highest quality combined in one competence cluster. Powder atomisation and the latest AM technology are combined at one site of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke in Krefeld. This means that powder alloys can be developed and produced to customer specifications in the shortest possible time, and the processability can be tested using Selective Laser Melting (SLM). In addition, we support you in determining parameters and in recycling processes.

Customers benefit from the large product variety of Fe, Ni and Co base alloys. More than 200 materials are already produced by powder metallurgy and can also be used for additive manufacturing.

Our powder production plants are state of the art and allow an adapted powder processing according to your specifications.

Powder metallurgical tool steel

The product range of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke includes four categories of tool steels:

  • Cold work tool steel
  • Plastic mold steel
  • Hot work tool steel
  • High speed tool steel

In addition to the smelting metallurgical production, we also offer cold work and high speed tool steels produced by powder metallurgy. In contrast to tool steels produced by smelting metallurgy, powder metallurgical tool steel offers optimized properties regarding wear, toughness and hardness. These properties are achieved by a fine-grained and segregation-free microstructure. This can increase the service life of highly stressed components.

In addition to our existing portfolio, we gladly will assist you in the development and testing of new materials.

Ferro-Titanit - Highly wear-resistant, lightweight, machinable, hardenable

Increasing demands on tools or machine components increasingly require material properties that can only be met by metal matrix composites. The so-called Ferro-Titanit® materials can be assigned exactly to this material group. Ferro-Titanit® is the brand name of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke for highest-alloy composite materials produced by powder metallurgy.


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