Compliance at the Swiss Steel Group

Adherence to compliance rules is a prerequisite for the sustainable successof the Swiss Steel Group. The compliance rules are binding for our managers and employees. A violation can lead to sanctions. These range from warnings and cautions for minor violations to dismissal for serious or repeat violations. In addition, there is a risk of criminal prosecution and claims for damages.

Our compliance management system is based on the Swiss Auditing Standard PS 980 dated January 1, 2019. It comprises the elements compliance culture, compliance objectives, compliance risks, compliance program, compliance organization, compliance communication, and compliance monitoring and improvement. Selected elements are listed below.

Compliance program

The compliance program of the Swiss Steel Group serves in particular to prevent violations of the law, e.g. antitrust law, corruption law, data protection, export control and money laundering law.

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The Code of Conduct is an integral part of our compliance program. It is the ethical foundation of our corporate culture across all countries and business areas.

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Compliance organization

The Swiss Steel Group has established a compliance organization. It supports managers and employees as the point of contact in compliance matters and develops policies, procedures, training courses, etc.

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Compliance Communication & Whistleblowing System

We raise awareness for compliance rules among our managers and employees through various communication measures such as training courses and newsletters.

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We have made an external whistleblowing system available to customers, suppliers and investors, as well as managers and employees, for reporting compliance violations: the SpeakUp Line. Compliance violations are infringements of laws and internal policies.

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Contact Corporate Compliance:


SpeakUp Line:

Our whistleblower system for submitting indications on compliance violations

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