Compliance communication and the whistleblowing system of the Swiss Steel Group


Internal publications inform our employees about compliant behavior and the possible risks and consequences of violations. Supplementary information and working aids (e.g. such as forms, check lists and information sheets on specific topics) are available to employees on the group-wide intranet.


Our employees receive regular training on compliance via a web-based training program. Web-based training is flanked by events requiring physical attendance. Training is graded according to the compliance risk of the function. Participation in the assigned training courses is mandatory for all employees concerned.

Whistleblowing system: SpeakUp Line

We would like to be informed as early as possible of any violations of laws and our internal rules. For this purpose, we offer our SpeakUp Line as a means to inform us of any violations.

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Contact Corporate Compliance:


SpeakUp Line:

Our whistleblower system for submitting indications on compliance violations

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