Compliance Organization of Swiss Steel Group

The management of each company of the Swiss Steel Group is responsible for the lawful conducting of the business of the company it manages.

The Swiss Steel Group has established a compliance organization to provide advisory support on compliance issues to management, other executives and employees.

The Corporate Compliance team designs and develops the compliance program on the basis of risk analyses and develops policies, procedures and trainingcourse. Corporate Compliance coordinates implementation within Swiss Steel Group.

Business Unit Compliance supports business unit management in implementing the compliance program in the business unit. Business Unit Compliance is also the first point of contact for business unit employees for compliance issues and coordinates implementation in the companies of the business unit.

In certain areas, additional risk-oriented officers have been appointed (e.g. data protection, export control, money laundering law). These officers support management and employees in these specific areas, for example the Data Protection Champions in the field of data protection.

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Our whistleblower system for submitting indications on compliance violations

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