Stainless steel, acid-, heat-resistant steels - known as inox steel

Stainless steels are resistant to corrosion, acid and the highest thermal loads, are strong and yet ductile. These characteristics make inox long steel, as it's also called, an interesting material for many individual applications.

Main applications for stainless steel:

  • Automotive and mechanical engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Oil and Gas
  • Food processing and chemical industry
  • Medical technology


Our delivery program of stainless steel

Swiss Steel Group is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steels. We also like to call our stainless steel (corrosion-, acid- and heat-resistant stainless steel) the "fifth element". The reason: It withstands the four elemental forces - water, earth, air and fire. And that with bravura - promised!

Our product range and our expertise in stainless steel are unique in the world:

  • Standard austenitic, ferritic, martensitic and duplex grades
  • Heat-resistant steels
  • Creep-resistant steels
  • Non-magnetisable steels
  • Valve steels
  • Aerospace steels

We supply all grades in all dimensions up to ready-to-install workpieces. All this in reproducible and documented quality.

Remelted steels for highest purity

Our corrosion-, acid- and heat-resistant steels are indispensable in a number of key industries due to their excellent quality. Our business units Deutsche Edelstahlwerke and Ugitech offer remelted steel grades of the highest purity for applications such as aerospace under the names Superclean and Ultraclean or UGI AIR.

We also have numerous homologations and NADCAP certifications in the aviation sector.

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France, Ugitech
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